How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look

Round straw handbags are a versatile accessory that can instantly freshen up any boho-chic look.

Whether for beach days, garden dinners, or shopping trips with friends, styling a round straw handbag the right way will add effortless style to any summer outfit.

In this article, we explore tips and tricks on how best to rock the summer classic!

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Flower Embroidery Summer Straw Handbag | Sources: Earthycharm

Introduction to Round Straw Handbags

Round Straw Handbag: The Perfect Accessory

Round straw handbags are the perfect accessory to complete any boho chic look.

Whether you want a casual, everyday bag or one that packs a style statement for special occasions, round straw handbags come in various colors and sizes to accommodate personal tastes and needs.

With the right styling knowledge at your fingertips, anyone can rock this fashionable trend!

The biggest advantage of using round straw handbags is flexibility of design.

Wearers can select from solid colors with leather straps or woven patterns with intricate details that add an eye-catching accent when paired with specific outfits.

On top of being functional as well as stylish, there’s also an endless variety of ways one could accessorize their round straw handbag depending on the desired look – whether it be playful floral prints for summer days or edgy metal hardware for sophisticated evenings out on the town!

Styling Options for Round Straw Handbags

For those who like options but don’t know where to start – fear not!

There are so many different ways to dress up a simple round straw handbag; tassels hanging off zipper pulls offer bohemian charm while adding charms around the handle has become popular lately too.

If unadorned looks better fit your taste then perhaps consider mixing materials such as pairing up jute fiber rope handles against natural cotton linen material body bases (and vice versa).

Finally – no matter how much customization may suit one’s fancy – all these styles remain affordable enough even if bought new yet still maintain good quality over time.

Great Features of Round Straw Handbags

  • Flexibility of design
  • Functional and stylish
  • The endless variety of ways to accessorize

Benefits of Owning a Round Straw Handbag

There are many benefits to owning a round straw handbag, and if you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your boho chic look, this just might be it.

Style Potential

The first benefit of a round straw handbag is its style potential.

These bags possess an earthy yet modern appeal that can add texture and depth to any outfit.

Plus, their unique shape adds visual interest without being too overwhelming or over-the-top in design – which makes them ideal for those who like simpler fashion choices but don’t want to look boring either!

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Handwoven Round Straw Bag | Source: amazon

You won’t have trouble finding one that matches your favorite ensembles thanks to the wide range of colors available on the market right now – from natural tones such as tan and browns to more vibrant hues such as reds and blues.

Another great thing about these bags is they offer plenty of room inside while still remaining lightweight due to their material construction.

So if you tend to fill up all your everyday straw purses with loads of stuff (like most people do!), then this type will allow you to keep everything close at hand while avoiding unnecessary load strain on both bag straps and shoulders alike!

And since they come in various sizes depending on how big/small of a capacity you need – there is something here no matter what kind of user you are: from long weekend trips away or simply carrying around some cash+cards separately from phone/keys regular use routine – a cute summertime statement piece should fit into place adequately better than any other option out there nowadays!

These bags also make excellent accessories because they go with practically anything: whether day time casual or dressier evening events; plus their timeless qualities make sure yours remain among top favourites season after season so no worries about changing trends here whatsoever!

To ensure good longevity & care practice would require occasional dusting off & minimal protection even when kept indoors during light rainfall showers etc.

Benefits Of Owning A Round Straw Handbag Include:

  • Unique Shape Adds Visual Interest Without Being Overwhelming Or OTT In Design
  • Wide Range Of Colors Available On The Market For Versatile Styling Options
  • Lightweight Material Construction Provides Room Inside While Staying Easy To Carry
  • Timeless Qualities Making It A Favourite Season After Season
  • Goes With Practically Anything From Day Time Casual To Dressy Evening Events

Eco-Friendly Nature of Round Straw Handbags

Round Straw Handbag: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Round straw handbags are an excellent choice if you want to look boho chic while also making an impact with your sustainable fashion.

Not only do these bags help reduce waste, but they support fair-trade producers worldwide and make a statement about the world we live in.

The eco-friendly nature of round straw handbags not only benefits those who create them around the globe, but it can benefit us as well.

To start off, round straw handbags often use natural materials like jute or burlap that don’t require pesticides or other intensive chemicals to grow or be harvested.

Organic cotton is also sometimes used which has been grown without any synthetic fertilizers or dangerous pesticides from seedling to harvest.

This makes for a healthier work environment for people producing this type of bag than when made with more toxic fabrics such as PVC (also known as artificial leather).

As well as reducing pollution levels caused by production processes required for non-eco friendly material sources and manufacturing techniques – like traditional vegetable tanning!

Moreover, one of the biggest environmental impacts associated with consumer items is their life cycle – how long they will last versus how many resources were needed initially to produce them.

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Small Wheels Straw Handbag | Sources: Earthycharm

Round straw handbags are increasingly becoming available at high-quality standards owing mostly to their handmade origins, meaning that each bag crafted will often have lasted a lifetime – since some could easily become family heirlooms, especially given proper care over time!

Such durability isn’t always common when looking at plastic-based options, which may include higher upfront cost savings yet quickly break down, creating various negative effects on our planet’s ecology within short periods after the acquisition date due largely/solely because of low prices set forth by manufacturers seeking inputs from cheap labor force assets abroad amongst competing countries worldwide offering cheaper alternative solutions, unfortunately, though unsustainable ones might I add.

Benefits of Round Straw Handbags

  • Made using natural resources such as jute and organic cotton
  • Reduces waste through integrated reusability & zero plastic elements involved during the manufacturing process
  • Supports fair trade production practices across multiple global markets
  • Owing mainly in part toward handmade craftsmanship found nowhere else yields highly durable crafts passed along generations
  • Uses fewer pollutant heavy metals compared to traditionally sourced leather alternatives

The Round Straw Handbag is an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement with their sustainable fashion.

With its natural materials, eco-friendly production process, and long-lasting durability, the Round Straw Handbag is a great way to reduce waste and support fair-trade producers worldwide.

The benefits of round straw handbags are clear: they are made using natural resources such as jute and organic cotton, reduce waste through integrated reusability & zero plastic elements involved during the manufacturing process, and support fair trade production practices across multiple global markets.

Owing mainly in part toward handmade craftsmanship found nowhere else yields highly durable crafts passed along generations and uses fewer pollutant heavy metals compared to traditionally sourced leather alternatives.

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Different Sizes and Colors are Available

Round Straw Handbag

When it comes to straw bags, there is no shortage of different sizes and colors.

You can find Round Straw Handbags in all shapes and sizes—from petite clutches to larger beach totes.

The possibilities are truly endless!

Shoulder strap lengths vary from bag to bag depending on their size, but typically the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit over any outfit.

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Round Straw Bag with lavender and pink color | Source: paytonjamesus

The colors range from traditional natural shades such as tan or brown up to modern brights like coral red or electric green.

Whether you’re looking for an attention-grabbing design or something more subtle, there is sure to be something that speaks your fashion language.

  • Rich monochromatic styles can make a statement while still keeping things simple and polished
  • Neutral hues let you pair with several outfits without clashing
  • Choose symmetrical patterns if you love the intricacy of lace details
  • Bags adorned with tassels add an extra dose of fun
  • Look out for bright pom-poms – they’ll bring life into any look

When it comes to round straw handbags, there is no shortage of options!

From adjustable straps to a variety of colors and patterns, you can find the perfect round straw handbag to fit your style.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, neutral design or something more eye-catching, there is sure to be something that speaks your fashion language.

For a timeless look, opt for a round straw handbag in a classic color like tan or brown.

If you’re looking to make a statement, choose a bright hue like coral red or electric green.

And don’t forget to look out for intricate details like tassels and pom-poms – they’ll bring life into any look!

Matching Accessories for Your Round Straw Handbag

Round Straw Handbag Accessories

Round straw handbags are a great way to kick up your style and add some boho-chic flair!

To make sure that you look on point, it’s important to accessorize your round straw handbag.

A round bag is perfect for pairing with pendant necklaces, fun sunglasses, or other accessories.

Here are just a few ideas for matching accessories:

First off: a bold statement necklace adds instant oomph to any outfit.

Choose one based on the color palette of your dress – gold looks gorgeous with red tones while silver necklaces go well with blues and greens.

If you prefer subtlety over flashiness opt for chunky, delicate chains instead of heavy jewelry pieces.

Second: Scarves can be used in so many ways when styling an ensemble – experiment by using them as headbands or belts!

Start by choosing scarves in light colors like mint green or baby blue; these neutrals coordinate perfectly with nearly every color combination imaginable and will help tone down overly bright ensembles without looking too drab either.

You can also play around by twisting two lightweight cotton scarves together before attaching them around your waist – the contrast between their textures helps create dimension and interest without being too loud.

Finally don’t forget about footwear!

Sandals come in all sorts of shapes which makes it easy to find pairs that pair nicely with specific dresses like low heeled pumps work better if paired with flowing skirts while platform sandals are more suitable for fitted jeans outfits.

They can even switch up the peep toes found with strappy accents since they continue themes already set forth through earlier items within reaching styles.

The move to complete looks but adding additional colours and hues that fit the overall ambiance created through first chosen clothing additions should be completed with our shoes selection.

Round Straw Handbag Accessories Ideas

  • Round Straw Handbag Statement Necklace
  • Scarf Accents
  • Mixing Footwear Types/Textures/Heights
  • Funky Sunglasses
  • Belts & Waistlines

Advantages in Comparison to Other Bags


One of the main advantages of choosing a round straw handbag for a boho chic look is its versatility.

A straw bag can be used to carry most items and it looks great with just about any outfit.

It can act as your go-to accessory and you won’t have to worry about wearing something else that may not match what you’re wearing.

Plus, since they come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, you’ll have plenty of options when selecting one perfect for your wardrobe.

In comparison to traditional leather bags or handbags made out of other materials such as nylon or canvas, a Round Straw Handbag offers more comfort for everyday use because it’s lighter than other types of bags but still provides enough room inside them where necessary to store items like wallets and keys securely within reach if needed during particular activities throughout the day or night.

Additionally, these types of bags are much sturdier, ensuring frequent wear against regular damage from daily usage compared with many inferiorly constructed alternatives on offer by competitors which, at times, tend to quickly deteriorate after minimal dropping due to age erosion affecting longevity prospects.

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Small Round Straw Bags | Source: joom


Round Straw Handbags also provide added convenience over their counterparts when it comes time to cleaning them up; occasionally wiping down the outside surface with warm water usually suffices while there are generally no complex disassembly steps required making this process rather simple, being very easy, hence freeing additional time otherwise spent tackling difficult repair maintenance projects every week.

Needless to recall all those costly insurance bills paid over years expecting a finished lifespan would necessitate instant replacement frequently causing budget-friendly consumers considerable financial anguish reality presents a far better option here where investing even a small amount should easily yield handsome rewards in lifetime stewardship plus peace mind knowing consistent quality expected right away given refreshing outlook structure inherently included product beginning stages itself!


  • Versatility – blends well into nearly any outfit
  • Comfort – lightweight yet spacious
  • Strength & Durability – last longer than competitors
  • Easy Cleaning – wipe down regularly instead of long repairs
  • Value For Money – invest once and save money long-term

Tips for Caring for Your Round Straw Handbag

Tips for Taking Care of Your Round Straw Handbag

When it comes to taking care of your round straw handbag, there are a few key tips you need to keep in mind.

First off, if the bag gets wet, make sure you dry it thoroughly as soon as possible.

If possible, use a hair dryer in a cool setting or air-dry away from direct sunlight. Secondly, always store your bag when not in use and protect it with dust bags or garment covers that will breathe so moisture doesn’t build up around your fabric items inside the bag.

Regular Maintenance

Thirdly and most importantly is that regular maintenance needs to be done on all types of synthetic fabrics like vinyl and canvas side panels used for straps because dirt can accumulate quickly here over time making them stiff and brittle due to age-related wear & tear.

To clean these materials best practices suggest using a damp cloth first then patting them down with a soft brush dipped into detergent water before rinsing again with another damp cloth afterward plus drying immediately after the cleaning session is complete!

Lastly minimize exposure from oil based products such as hairspray perfumes etc which may corrode metal parts like chains buckles hinges handle loops etc overtime thus causing unnecessary damage for you later down line so do watch out for those too whenever possible 🙂

These few above-mentioned pointers should help ensure that keeping your round straw handbag looking brand new year after year isn’t an impossible feat!

Here’s what else we recommend:

  • Clean regularly – More often than other bags since they’re made of natural material which could degrade faster if left unchecked
  • Don’t leave pockets open while storing – This prevents smaller objects from getting stuck inside permanently where they won’t come out easily
  • Avoid folding it when storing – This helps preserve its shape since rounded edges become distorted easier than flat ones
  • Regularly spot-clean any residue stains with mild soap (warm water works too)
  • Empty contents once every month – Helps maintain breathability avoiding musty smells caused by humidity buildup
  • Take extra precautions near beaches/pools – Natural elements cause material breakdown more rapidly sometimes even leading to irreversible damage sadly but only when allowed unchecked recurring continuous access times

By following these tips, you can ensure that your round straw handbag will stay looking brand new for years to come!

Ways to Incorporate into an Outfit

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One way to style a round straw handbag for a boho chic look is to incorporate it into an outfit.

While many opt for traditional colors when they dress, adding an eye-catching accessory such as this one can help make the look unique and fashion-forward.

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Summer Straw Handbag | Source: Earthycharm

Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look

Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Begin by thinking about what pieces you would like in your outfit; try starting with basics such as jeans or a simple dress.

Focus on neutral colors and fabrics, using these items as the foundation of your ensemble.

Pay attention to the textures too – think linen, cotton, or jersey – which will add depth and dimension without overwhelming the round straw handbag‘s texture.

Try a classic yet trendy look by pairing a ribbed turtleneck sweater with straight-leg jeans and leather ankle boots.

Add pops of color where possible – any pastel hues would be great here – so that they complement each other nicely instead of overpowering them or making them clash together randomly due to their differences in pattern or texture.

Two options for accessorizing: subtle tones or brighter details, depending on personal preference.

Experiment and find your own style while keeping a cohesive aesthetic.

Finally finish off your look by accessorizing appropriately; whether its jewelry earrings necklaces hair clips etcetera choose pieces that both tie back directly towards original base earlier mentioned whilst also maintaining presence uniquely itself ie stand separately from rest attire piece allowing complete full effect come through easily achieved once everything put together correctly!

To get the most attractive and successful balance, aim to strike between oversized minimalistic and dainty standalone statements perfect for achieving signature standout flair bringing the entire combination alive no matter the season or occasion.

Special events in 2018 provide endless opportunities to create looks that trend-setting and stylishly boho chic women love today — here are five ideas to work around achieving the desired result quickly and efficiently to start:

HeadFashion Tips for Creating Chic and Unique Looking

  • Incorporate a bright print top, half-sleeve blouse, tucked shorts, and sandals for a sophisticated casual day vibe with a confident aesthetic charm.
  • Similarly, a pantsuit with a wide-brimmed hat will give a glamorously polished evening feel.
  • Go for a mini skirt, distressed denim jacket, and embellished flats for an extraordinary pairing ensuring heads turn wherever you travel.
  • Wear a maxi dress with stacked heel booties layered to add a bit of edge for a summery stilt attitude.
  • Weather-appropriate material choice is important, so layer up effectively for colder winter months. Make sure layering is done artfully and carry repurposed finds from vintage shops.

With these tips, you can easily style a round straw handbag for a boho chic look.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you and your tastes.

With the right pieces and accessories, you can create a look that is both fashionable and unique.

Conclusion Why You Should Buy a Round Straw Handbag

How to Style a Round Straw Handbag for a Boho Chic Look
Summer Straw Handbag | Source: Earthycharm

The Round Straw Handbag

The round straw handbag is one of the most stylish, versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe.

The natural materials of this outfit are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and they can be paired with many different looks.

Because it’s lightweight and durable, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing this type of bag for years to come.

Plus, depending on the style and size you select, it may just become a staple in your everyday look!

When investing in any new item for your closet or home décor needs – from purses to furniture – always remember that quality counts more than quantity.

That’s why we recommend opting for rounded straw bags over other styles when looking for something chic yet classic – because they’re made with high-quality materials crafted by talented artisans around the world who value sustainability as much as fashion trendiness!

Through this article we’ve highlighted how easy it is to create an effortless boho chic look with a few simple styling tricks using accessories like these charmingly rustic round straw handbags (or clutches).

They allow us all to effortlessly make timeless fashion statements while doing our part toward being kinder toward our planet through conscious purchasing decisions too!

Benefits of Round Straw Handbags

  • An effortless way of creating chic & fashionable looks
  • Environmentally friendly without sacrificing trendiness
  • Lightweight & durable material perfect for year-round use
  • High-quality craftsmanship ensures many years of enjoyment
  • Versatile piece suitable for day or night affairs